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Painter Mine Clean Up a Smashing Success!

Painter Mine Clean Up a Smashing Success!

Sep. 11, 2015

Painter Mine Clean Up

July 17, 2015

Summary and Report


On July 17th and 18th 14 volunteers and staff from the Wilderness Land Trust and the Selway-Bitterroot Foundation, supported by two jet boat operators completed a clean-up of the Painter Mine site following the guidance received from Forest Service Staff.


The mine on the property has been remediated and the modern improvements are to be removed.  The purpose of this clean-up was to prepare the site for transfer to the Forest Service by eliminating junk and debris that detract from the site and do not add historic value to visitation.


  • An estimated 3,000 pounds of material was removed and transported to a landfill, with credits for recycling that reduced land fill charges to zero.  
  • Work was completed in teams that addressed specific areas, divided into the mine site, the house and garage, and a household refuse pile within a collapsed shed.
  • All material that does not contribute to the interpretation of the historic use of the property and or is potentially hazardous was removed.


A sample list of items removed

Propane bottles

Corrugated galvanized metal

Plastic Piping


Household trash

All material stored in the Garage, including paint, machine parts, lawnmower and oil

Empty 55 gal drums



The site is now clean of debris and the mine reclamated.


What remains to be done is the removal of the house, garage and jeep.  We met with the individual who is removing the cabin, garage and jeep.  He anticipated doing this in spring 2016, when water levels will allow.


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