Steadfast and Focused Wins the Race for Wilderness

Jun. 09, 2017


                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo Credit: Peter Druschke     


Steadfast and focused over the last three years, The Wilderness Land Trust worked diligently to acquire and transfer to public ownership an old mining claim that threatened the proposed Avawatz Mountains Wilderness in California.  Now, with your support, the Trust has added this 20-acre parcel to public ownership for wilderness protection.


Desert tortoise territory and one of the last inholdings in this area south of Death Valley, this Wilderness Land Trust project consolidates precious wilderness habitat with 2,400-acres the Trust has already protected here. This is good news for wilderness and for the desert tortoise. In some areas of the western Mojave Desert, the number of desert tortoises has declined by 90%.


There's historical significance as well. The bumpy dirt road leading to the old mining claim is where Harry Wade found a way for his family out of Death Valley in 1849. Like the 100 other wagons anxious to join California's Gold Rush, they had started out too late to cross the Sierra Nevada. This road, now named in Wade's honor, led The Wilderness Land Trust to the now protected site. 


Thanks to all of you who make this wilderness work possible!

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