This Land is Your Land

Jul. 05, 2017

Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado photo courtesy John Fielder

Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado photo courtesy John Fielder



This land is your land.  We join you in celebrating iconic American wilderness landscapes, a symbol of our nation's independence, today and everyday.


Our mission is to keep the promise of wilderness by acquiring and transferring private lands (inholdings) to public ownership that complete designated and proposed wilderness areas, or directly protect wilderness values.


Since our founding in 1992, The Trust has protected 443 parcels, comprising 48,462 acres in 102 designated and proposed wilderness areas across the West, including Colorado, California, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.


We have also worked with local and regional partners in Utah, Alaska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arkansas, Vermont and Pennsylvania.


In partnership with Colorado State University, The Trust developed the now nationally accepted Prioritizing the Acquisition of Wilderness Inholdings, a system that inventories wilderness inholdings. It rates properties based on 17 factors addressing ecological significance, recreational importance and threat of development. This system helps guide our work.


Join the Wilderness Land Trust today and help secure your wilderness!

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