Windham Bay, Chuck River Wilderness Area, Alaska



Celebrate WLT's First Alaska Project!

Celebrate WLT's First Alaska Project!

Apr. 19, 2017

Thanks to YOU - The Wilderness Land Trust recently purchased a 155-acre inholding in the Chuck River Wilderness Area, an area known for its abundance of wildlife, heavily forested mountains and pristine waters located 70 miles southwest of Juneau.


This acquisition is a first for the Trust in the state of Alaska and immediately removes the threat of commercial logging, mining and development.


The task ahead includes the transfer of this property from the Trust into public ownership, a process that usually takes three years. Your ongoing support will allow us to complete this project and make the Chuck River Wilderness whole. Thank you!


For 25 years, The Wilderness Land Trust has been working to fulfill the promise of wilderness. Share with us the wilderness values that matter most to you here!


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