In California the Trust has protected more than

  • 37,293 acres in 44 wilderness areas and 11 proposed wilderness areas

  • Adding 234 properties to public lands with 11 more properties waiting to transfer

  • Completing 8 wilderness areas by removing the last remaining inholding

California is home to 154 designated wilderness areas, more than any other state, and is second only to Alaska in acres protected as wilderness (15,346,666 acres). California’s wilderness areas are as diverse as the state’s landscapes, from the desert habitat of Joshua Tree Wilderness to the ancient coastal forests of Kings Range Wilderness, they protect some of the highest biodiversity in the West.

Kings Range Wilderness

Wilderness allows visitors the opportunity to explore, be inspired, and connect with loved ones. These unique landscapes leave us reveling in their raw beauty and the assurance that they will remain wild and free, now and for future generations.

And yet, there are dangers within these wilderness areas that threaten their resiliency. Within California’s wilderness areas there are over 100,000 acres of privately owned lands vulnerable to mineral extraction, logging and private development.

Recently Completed California Projects