Welcome Travis Belote Ph.D. to Our Board of Directors

October 21, 2022- The Wilderness Land Trust recently welcomed Travis Belote Ph.D., a research ecologist with The Wilderness Society, to our Board of Directors. Travis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organization. His research is focused on understanding the basic science of ecosystems to inform conservation and adaptive management under increasing pressures of global change (including land use, climate change, and invasive species).

Travis holds an M.S. from the University of Tennessee, a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, and conducted his postdoctoral research with the USGS in Flagstaff, Arizona. He has published more than 65 peer-reviewed scientific articles and serves as a research advisor for graduate students at the University of Montana and Montana State University.

Travis lives in Bozeman, Montana and enjoys spending time outside with his family and listening to old-time country music.