Ray Hohenberger Joins Board of Directors

May 13, 2022 – The Wilderness Land Trust is excited to welcome Ray Hohenberger as the newest member of the Board of Directors. Ray is a retired attorney and currently resides in Ohio with his wife Beth.

When Ray was a teenager, he and his sister would pile in the family car with his parents and grandparents and head for the hills, literally. His dad loved to take family trips, driving west from Ohio until they landed in places like Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Glacier and Grand Canyon National Park. From very early on, he realized these places were special.

Ray and Beth enjoy hiking and wildlife viewing. During his hikes, Ray says he’s observed black bears, bighorn sheep and a red fox, just to name a few. He really enjoys seeing wild animals in their natural setting. Over the years he’s seen just about every large mammal, except for a mountain lion. Ray and Beth are thankful that their love of hiking and wildlife viewing has passed down to their three daughters and families.

As a longtime supporter of The Wilderness Land Trust, Ray understood that private inholdings were a fact of life. He was immediately drawn to the Trust because it was buying those inholdings and protecting them, filling the holes in our nation’s wilderness.

Ray says he is both honored and excited to join with the board and staff of The Wilderness Land Trust as we all work to protect as much of America’s wilderness areas as possible. Board member, Sarah Shaw, remarked that “Ray’s love of wilderness and wild places combined with a successful career in law made him a shoe-in for the board. We’re excited to have him join us as we look toward the organization’s next 30 years.”