Your Continued Success in New Mexico

March 28, 2019 — The Wilderness Land Trust has closed on a 20-acre property that “cherry-stems” into the Columbine Hondo Wildernessin the Carson National Forest. The Commodore Lode property is located in Long Canyon, adjacent a popular wilderness access trail near Taos Ski Valley.

The Columbine Hondo Wilderness was designated in 2014. Our purchase helps protect the viewshed above the north fork of the Red River, a major tributary to the upper Rio Grande River and

View from the Commodore Lode property

ensures continued public access into the designated wilderness. We now start the process of transferring this land over to public ownership as part of the Carson National Forest.

In addition to the Commodore Lode, your generous support in New Mexico has protected land in the El Malpais National Conservation area, and the Sabinoso and Gila Wilderness areas.

Congratulations on another win in New Mexico, and your continued investment in protecting our nation’s unique wilderness heritage. Thank you!

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